See Things For What They Can Be

Four Finished Canvases

As promised, I’m sharing those four canvases I started a few days ago. I actually finished them two days ago but didn’t bend under my own pressure of feeling the need that I have to post every day.

finished canvases

Personally, I’m a little mixed on how I feel about these, but they will go on my wall, I will look at them and they will inspire me.

Some Me Time

Since my last post, I have been working on those four canvases that I had no agenda for at the moment. Of course all of that time was not spent on them. I had to get some ‘me’ time in there somewhere.

I play Animal Crossing New Horizons and for some time, like a lot of people, had not played for months. Then I find out a new update was on the way with some features that really sounded intriguing. So I decided to fire up the game, kill some cock roaches, pick weeds and get ready for the update. All while my villagers are telling me how much they missed me and how I must have ‘fallen off the edge of the earth‘ (not really, but they did give me a word or two about my absence and my snooties gave me mean looks).

One of the new features is having the option of villagers inside your home. I have found on a couple occasions, hard to get them out once they are in for the visit. Sometimes they will follow you from room to room and really make themselves comfy with book reading…in every room. I’m either ready to quit the game or finish up on some of my daily tasks, they seem to have no intention of leaving. I realize by now that continuing to talk to them in hopes they will say it’s been fun but time to go on their own, never comes. So I do this…

That was a few days ago and I had to do it again a couple days later with another villager.

The update is nice. It has made the game fun to play again. Maybe I’ll share more adventures ahead although I’m not good at staying on top of that. I play, not share…but we’ll see.

No Agenda, yet

I currently have no idea what these will look like as a finished project. My main goal here is motivation. To get back to this or what other crafts, ideas or writings that will come across my mind. I’m constantly throwing ideas about something around inside my head, but I have a bad habit of mostly not jotting it down or better yet, pulling out my phone and taking notes or photos.

I’m one of those who thinks I won’t forget that idea…how wrong have I been over and over again (stubborn). I’m old school. When I grocery shop, I have a hand written paper list. Now I have upgraded to a list on my phone when I intend to do a larger than 5 item shop. That’s something, right?

Well, I will work on these and as soon as they are finished I will be sure to share.

The World Must Be Flat

OK, so the world must really be flat and I fell over the edge.

It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve written anything here. I’ve been a stranger on most of my social media apps as well. A lot has happened and I was witness to it all but decided not to address any of it in writing because I’ve been in a place…a space. Floating after my free fall from the edge of earth, again because it must be flat…at least it must have been three years ago.

But during this past year, I’ve done a lot of thinking, searching and a lot of nothing as well. I tried keeping busy in some way or another. I added a new platform to my Instagram account to focus on just my artwork and found a community of like minded souls that helped to fuel my ambitious, artistic appetite. They helped me to realize the importance of knowing that art is as different as people.

It is what you make it to be. It gives each of us an opportunity to “See Things For What They Can Be”.

I really want and need to get back to what I love. I know it won’t be easy. I’ll have to push me. Get mad at me. Motivate me.

At this moment, right now, I’m angry with myself and that’s a start.

Now if I can just hang on the edge long enough to muster the strength to throw my leg up, I can get the rest of me back on solid ground.

New Beginnings

I can’t believe it’s been over two years since my last post. So what has been happening in my life during this time? Well I’m very thankful and blessed to be alive and able to bang these keys. I have recovered very nicely from my heart valve repair and regular, well somewhat regular doctor visits are a part of my life these days. Some of you may want a play by play of why I have been silent for so long, but I really don’t want or think it is necessary to bore you with not so dramatic details. Instead, I’d rather focus on now and what is ahead.

So with that said, I am currently beginning a new line of Graphic Art Designs that you can take a peek at here if you would like. Some my new designs are still off the charts from conventional designs as were some of my old ones, but I like to be different and they mirror a lot of what I liked to do back when I doodled with pencil and paper. The time away has given me more of a perspective in toning down on what I had been designing.

I see so many artists’ works and I admittedly am very envious of what I see and it has held me back for so long because I felt I could never compete or my works would never be appreciated. I had to set all of that aside and realize that there are so many ways people see art.

I See Things For What They Can Be

I have had this line on my Twitter for a few years now and it really fits what I am into today. I dropped the “I” from that line in hopes many will see how something is different but can still be appreciated especially with my artwork.

I have gotten I lot of good feedback as I have revealed some of my products on t-shirts, coffee mugs, and canvas prints. The link above is one of the stores I currently have online, the other is being revised to service different products for my brands.

Why two stores you ask? For me it is the best solution available at this time as I am laying the foundation.

I’m guessing by now you want to see something I have designed. OK, how about my logo.

The name of the design that looks like a boat is, “It’s A Boat”. It was designed from a circle that I had no idea what it was going to be until it started taking shape, and that is how a lot of my designs come to be. It reminds me of doodling and that is why I have so much fun with this. Giving a name to some of the designs is more of a challenge than the art itself and people have asked what in the world is that. Some don’t see what I see and I sometimes don’t see what they do. Another example:

Again, the design on the left is one continuous line. Sometimes I’m working a design for days before I come up with anything. I actually made a clock out of this design. Anyway, I digress. After making the clock, that I have in my cubicle at work, hardly anyone saw the figure of a man…let me take that back…no one saw the figure of a man. Someone saw a baseball cap I never saw and a couple people saw a ladies high heal shoe that didn’t pay attention to. My main focus was the figure of the man.

I wanted to market the man’s figure without the rest because I knew it wouldn’t be accepted as is. Any movement of a line re-configures the design and I lose the man or other parts.  So I had to break this guy away from the rest of the design. As you can see he turned out very well standing by himself I think. The design on the left was originally called “Chillin” and after the breakaway, I changed it to “I Got Time”.

My grandson Samuel saw me in this t-shirt and said : “Peepaw, I wish I had a shirt like that because that is really cool.”

I said: “You really like this Samuel?” He said: “Yep”

IGotTime TMe IGotTime T

I told Him he could have one but I couldn’t get it to him at that moment but I would be sure to get him one.

Now, I’m really picky. I like the design but wasn’t crazy about how the outer glow on the shirt, although it looks great on screen and on paper. So I went to work and revised the design a little and came up with what you saw above and on this shirt.

Mens T I Got Time 4 Web

No that’s not my grandson, that is my son who didn’t want to be in the shot. I’m pleased with how this turned out and pretty sure anyone who buys this will be as well. Samuel doesn’t have his yet and I’m hoping he won’t mind becoming a celebrity when he gets his.





If you decide to visit my store, you will see more of my unusual designs and more are added almost daily and more products are on the way.

Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to read and thanks in advance for stopping by my store and stay tuned for more.

First Week Back

My first week back to work was more than I thought it would be in areas I hadn’t anticipated beginning with I thought I would get sleepy throughout the day. To my surprise I worked through with no problems pertaining to staying awake. I don’t know if it was the atomsphere of the workplace or just being more active. Whatever the reason….

Ok, so Monday I sit at my desk to clock in and start my day, only to find out I can’t. Apparently I wasn’t put back into the system until Monday which meant I wouldn’t be able work at my station until Tuesday. Fortunately there was a pc that would allow me get work done. I felt out of place without my bookmarks and shortcuts but I managed.

So I get through Monday and Tuesday I’m back at my familiar place. I was feeling more at home and felt as if I was getting things done. The one thing that was cumbersome for me the first few days was dealing with the pain. It was more than I thought it would be but as each day passed, the pain decreased. I believe getting back to work was the best thing that could have happened to me physically speaking. Right now I feel like I could do anything, although I know that’s not the case. Driving more I’m sure has something to do with it as well.

Now getting back to sleep for a moment. For some reason, I’m not sleeping through the night since going back to work. First couple of nights I was up at 3 a.m. to drain the fluid and I could not get back to sleep until it was close to the alarm going off at 5. The past few nights have been different but just as bad. I don’t know what this is about but I’m hoping it doesn’t last.

Overall I’m feeling good and should be riding my bike pretty soon. I’ll be glad when I’m able to start my workouts again, but will settle for riding my bike.

Each new day is a blessing to me and I’m not taking them for granted.

Good News

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a post op follow up with my Cardiologist yesterday. The good news is he gave me the all clear to go back to work. I knew he would but actually hearing the words and holding that paper in my hands made it so much better.

After I left there, I went to my job to finalize my return to work. I had to call HR and fax the paperwork. Karen needed to know if I had any restrictions pertaining to my duties and I told her I’m not allowed to lift anything heavier than 10 lbs. So if lifting a pen or moving a mouse on my desk and shuffling paper or tapping keys on a keyboard counts…I’m well within the perameters.

I’ll tell you what may be my biggest challenge…staying awake at certain times during the day. Right now I get sleepy sometimes late morning or mid afternoon. It will probably take some fight within to overcome and I know it will not be easy. I’m already trying to make the adjustment but I’m losing the battle. I have to remember that I am still healing and this need to sleep will be with me for awhile.

So am I going back to work too soon? Not at all, because the longer I stay home the more I fall into this routine that is sleeping whenever. Once I start working more I will become stronger to make the adjustment.

The operation I had is very commonplace these days, but for me this is major. If I didn’t have the surgery, I would have developed health issues in the future that would be difficult to overcome as I grow older. I am truly thankful that God brought me through all of this and allowing me to heal at this rapid pace.

The doctors are telling me I am in good health. My heart is strong, my lungs are clear and my blood pressure is good. Still, I know anything can happen in life, no matter what foods we eat or how much we exercise. I am blessed to have this opportunity for new life and I hope I can live up to the task.

The Heart Of The Matter

Four weeks ago, I had surgery to repair a leaking Mitral Valve in my heart. The symptoms I was experiencing was shortness of breath and tightness in my head when I would overexert myself….mostly at work.

I went to my PCP who referred me to a Cardiologist. After performing tests and ultra sounds, and a Catheter (I forget the medical term for the procedure) was used to get a closer look at the heart. It was this procedure that confirmed his diagnosis.

From here, I had an appointment with the surgeon who talked to me about the surgery and the two types that can be performed. The first is the conventional where they open the chest and ribs to access the heart. The second is less evasive where an incision is made above the right breast and the heart is accessed that way. It is less painful and recovery time is faster by about two weeks (4 weeks instead of 6-8 weeks).

I also had to decide on the type of valve I wanted if the valve had to be replaced. Once they go in and see that the valve has to be replaced, they need to know ahead of time if it will be mechanical or synthetic. Mechanical would mean blood thinners for the rest of my life and synthetic would mean I would have to do this again in about 10-15 years.

After my appointment with the surgeon that day, I went home and pulled up some video on the procedure and watched about five of them involving both techniques and the different valves used for the replacement and also how the repair is done. I called the surgeons office to inform them of my choice the next day which was the less evasive and also for the mechanical valve if a replacement was required.

So I waited to get on schedule for the procedure I chose…and waited. I would call the office to see if I was on schedule and was told they were waiting for equipment. Last month I decided to ask if I opted for the conventional surgery, when would I be able to get on schedule. They called me back that day and gave me three dates, all in March. I chose the earliest available which was the 18th.

So now it’s 4 weeks since the operation and I’m feeling better with each new day. I was discharged from the hospital a day early because I was doing so well. I had to use this heart for standing and for coughing, holding it tight against my chest.


Hospital staff and some co-workers signed it for me. This pillow was really a life saver early on. I don’t use it now, but while in the hospital and after coming home, it was my companion. My first sneeze happened a few days after I got home and it came out of nowhere. My pillow was within reach but I didn’t have time to grab it…that was an intense moment and yes it hurt. I am practically pain free right now….I can handle a sneeze.

I forgot to mention, after waking in my room the first thing that came out of my mouth “was the valve repaired or replaced?” I was told it was repaired, to my delight.

My discharge papers had instructions and some arm exercises that I needed to do. As far as walking, instead of keeping track of the distance, I was to keep track of the time I walk and increase that each week. I can do a 20 minute brisk walk with no problem.

I see my Cardiologist in a few days and I’m really hoping to get the all clear to return to work. I know I still have a lot of healing to do and I’m conscious of my limitations.

I know it sounds crazy, but I’m bored.



I Did It Again

Yes I did it again…I vanished and no excuses will be made. I’m just gonna write this post because I feel like writing for the first time since my last post.

Most bloggers have an idea what they want to do with their space once they get it going. Some, like myself are all over he board with theirs. I get ideas and like to run with them. I like to diversify and to show what I consider my talents. I’ve written poetry, tried my hand with art. I still have many ideas I want to make a reality.

I believe I’ve stated this before….I’m really bad at social media. When I first started I was very active with mine but my drop off has been like a deep water slide. I know social media is needed if you have an idea or brand you would like to promote these days. I know it is imperative that people know who you are, whether they can trust you, how long you have been on the radar. These are important factors.

I have so many thoughts swimming around in my head I don’t know where to begin. I have tried to keep up with bloggers who post everyday, some several times a day because I thought this is what I needed to do. Then I remembered when I first started this blog, I did it for me. What I was writing is what I wanted to write, for me. I write so I can look back on my life to see how far I’ve come, improvements I’ve made and mistakes as well. If I have gaps between posts, that has to be alright with me. I shouldn’t feel guilty, even though I do. If my posts don’t have readers, I need to be ok with that. Yes it’s nice to have followers, but the world doesn’t come to an end if I don’t. You know what though?….it is in my nature that I know people enjoy what I put out…caring….go figure.

What’s next? I have no clue….well, might have an idea or two.


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