See Things For What They Can Be


This may be an eye opener for some. I stop for breakfast at a drive through on my way to begin my day. I order, drive up to window pay, get my drink and I’m already thinking about getting this portion of my day over with. In my head I’m already thinking of the types of installs I have ahead of me. I drive up into an empty spot to park to make a few calls and to start my breakfast. I shake my orange juice, pop the opening, drop in the straw and take a good sip. I set it down ready to dig into my……where is the rest of my breakfast?…..I laughed out loud at myself. So now I have to walk into the lobby to get the rest of my breakfast and we all got a good laugh out of it. It may not be the last time I do that. After getting myself situated, calls made, now ready to finish eating as I drive….I remember a thought I had a few days ago about concentrated driving. I was thinking how distracted we have become in getting from point A to point B. I thought, how am I going to accomplish the visions I had in my head about my installs, if I can’t remember the proper steps at picking up at a drive thru.


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