See Things For What They Can Be

I Have an Idea

If you have been keeping up, or maybe just happen to see my first couple of posts, I said that I was going to have fun. Know what? That is exactly what I am doing, having fun. I’m finding that the more I experience in writing, the more I am learning about myself. For one thing, you cannot be afraid to go after your dreams. One of the worst feelings you will ever experience is the feeling of regret that you never even made an attempt to pursue your dreams. No, you will not succeed in fulfilling all those dreams. Am I telling you to go after every dream that comes into your mind?…..I would never do that….come on now, you gotta use some common sense here….are you with me? Alright. 
We ALL have something we’ve always wanted to do. Maybe it is too late for some of those things, but is there something similar? 
My mind goes to those who think they are incapable of completing tasks. This I say to you…you have defeated yourselves before you start. To this day, I still don’t know what it is that I can’t do. I have worked on car engines–back when you could–many times, replacing parts, but I have never torn one down and put it back together. Give me the tools, a manual and it’s gettin’ done! Grant it, it would take me longer than your typical mechanic, but it’s gettin’ done. So, does it take a driving personality to be able to want to accomplish dreams? What is YOUR make up, YOUR chemistry. Many times we look at what someone else has succeeded in doing, and if our attempt ends in failure, that is how we see our lives.
I have an idea…..let’s not do that anymore. Each and every one of us is capable of being successful at something. If you’re young enough, try many things, if not pick something you know you can finish…it’ll make you feel good anyway. 


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