See Things For What They Can Be


For most of us Monday is the beginning of the work week. It seems to drag on forever and things go wrong and we just hate it. But don’t things go wrong during other days of the week and some of those days drag along also? Yeah, but not like Mondays. Mondays are like our worst nightmares coming true…week, after week, after week, after……Even on a nice bright sunny day, Mondays can bring out the worst in some people. You know who I’m talking about….the one you were with the night before at the club, or the dinner party, or maybe it was the family reunion…yeah, laughing it up having a good old time. Nothing going wrong, everything falling right where they should be.  Then comes Monday, oh–my–goodness–it’s like someone stuck a pin into them and it’s causing such pain they extrude their anguish in every way possible. They sit at their desk, or cubicle, in a garage, mowing the lawn…they pause, and you can almost hear it….they know it’s not everyone else causing them grief, no one stuck a pin into you. You know it’s not even you….you take a deep breath, some will slouch in their chairs with their arms dangling down to the side ever so loosely, heads thrown back, leaning on that car that’s been giving you grief for days, and I can’t believe I forgot to get gas as you sit on the mower… know it’s only because it’s  *deep sigh*  Monday.


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