See Things For What They Can Be

World Class

Since I have finished my required education many years ago, The world has become my classroom and society is my textbook. When I wake up in the morning, Class has begun. 

No matter how I prepare myself for the day, mentally, physically, emotionally, I will learn something. I will learn to control my anger when I may not want to at that time. I will see things that I have seen time and time again, but hopefully with appreciation. 

Sometimes the textbook is hard to understand and I may not always find the answers to questions right away. I don’t always have pleasant learning experiences, but I am learning. 

Class changes without giving notice, sometimes it is welcomed, sometimes the change frustrates, but I move on and continue to learn. Class allows me to make my own decisions and I have to live with the outcome. Yes, some good, some bad. 

There are times when Class can be so overbearing, and I wish I didn’t have to attend, and the textbook can be very cruel, but I’m in it and while in it, I choose to learn and to get the most out of it. 

Am I better because of it? I’d like to think so. This is our world, and it is, World Class. 


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  1. life is a classroom…and we may not always understand it in the moment but it teaches us daily…nice…truth


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