See Things For What They Can Be


Change has been, is, and always will be a part of our existence. The world’s wonders of today have come from what was, and the time before that, and the time before that, and I believe you get the picture. Have we ever really sat back and comprehended what we have accomplished?…when you think about it, we have soured in such a short time over the past 30 years alone…we really don’t have to go back that far. The ever changing IT has brought us into an age that we dreamed about, and it’s really just getting started…..yeah, I think they’re just getting warmed up. 
Changes come in our lives also. Me?…I’m at a point I want to allow myself to explore more of my life. I have had life changing experiences that I will always hold near to me. They have been an integral part of my life and what I am today. I have been blessed with this creative mind and I don’t want to waste it. I want to know what other things that I can do.  I can’t limit myself to just this….that is the point in my life I have been in for the past, several years….I’m better than that. I know that my past experiences have taught me lessons…very hard ones…but I must move on. A new chapter awaits. I have been inspired in ways I never thought would come my way. Many times I found myself looking too much at the present, and not allowing myself to accept change. Change can be tough. It can be one of the hardest lessons we have on our plates, but it will come, and sometimes it will go….I may have missed opportunities, one after the other, simply because I chose not to accept change. It’s sort of like when I quit smoking. Back then, I didn’t have the option of patches and what not….it was cold turkey….but I was really tired of smoking and I wanted that out of my life. It was difficult but I was willing and ready to make that change. I feel like that is where I am right now. I have energy and my mind is active…..when that happens…look out!! 
I want to apply my creativity, and to see where that takes me. Life gives us so many chances at improvement. I want that. 


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