See Things For What They Can Be

Move On

Time is ticking away as we have goals that have yet to be met. Some of us are waiting for that right moment…we all know what that is…the feeling we get when the time is right. I know… I’ve been there, several times. Some of us are able to reach some of there goals at a faster rate than others. I am glad I am going for one of mine at this moment in my life. I have enough confidence in myself to know that my goals are reachable…so I go after them. Most of my goals are Simple Things. I thought I had reached one of my goals some years ago, but it only lasted three years…does that count? I have inside of me a desire to succeed and at the same time learn while on my way. I really try not to measure success, but I  say if you have some unfinished business, and you are able to make a solid attempt at taking that goal to a higher level, then so be it. But along the way, I cannot and must not forget, to listen….and then Move On.


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