See Things For What They Can Be

Night And Day

As different as night and day. That’s how the saying goes. But I’d like to reference that in a different way, if I may. First, it is obvious that night and day do differ in so many ways. The daylight hours brings the activities that comes with getting things done. It’s a bright spot for many reasons. If the sun shines, we receive the warmth and the vitamin D. People generally speaking are in good moods, walking, jogging, basketball, tennis, you name it. We also have the business sector that rolls right along, business as usual for the most part. The day moves along and heads into the evening hours. After the dust settles from the commute home, the hustle and bustle is absent from this time of day due to the lack of –as much business– being done. Some have an after work jog, some grill, some take walks, and some just chill. But things do continue to operate and as we head even deeper into the nighttime hours, some activities are needed to run on a continual basis. Electric, water, gas, cable…can’t forget the cable guy…these require personnel. So, their “day” begins, even though it is night. While we settle in from our days’ works, they settle in for their night’s work….whatever it is they do to keep things rolling while we sleep, is their nights works. Now, it’s time for them to make their journey home….again, after the dust settles, they too will enjoy the sunshine, except it is a morning sun, not too hot. Some will also jog, walk, and yes, some will grill. After doing all of their after work activities, they too must sleep, and in some cases that sleep comes during the daylight hours. 
If we have worked these shifts over long years, our body clocks tells us what our nights and days are. 
So it’s the same, but different…or is it as different as Night and Day. 


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