See Things For What They Can Be

Isn’t it Funny?

Today I must have really been in tune with myself. There were several times when a previous event had come to make a difference in the outcome of a couple other events that had transpired later. What I had noticed was the decisions I made, or something I should remember in the earlier events that made the outcome in the later events memorable to me. 

I can remember times when there were moments like this and I would appreciate the fact that I was almost ahead of myself if you can follow that. I still do things like this, but now, it’s like it was before. Seeing something, or doing something, and realizing along the way that certain things happen and come to the forefront of our minds. A decision is made or a memory is stored. Sometimes that day, or maybe a few days later. It could be weeks….

As I was saying, there were things that happened today that I focused in on, and I smiled a lot. 

My daughter was having something here, I forget what they call it, (she’s having a baby for those who don’t know) no, not a baby shower,  and I’m sure she will post something on it. Anyway, so Charles and I needed to do some cleaning and the maintenance man was not going to show up. The seat in the downstairs bathroom had recently broken and he was supposed to fix that. So I went to the store and bought the replacement seat. I returned and it was going to be a hot one today. I went to my man-cave and looked into one of my drawers for the tools to replace the seat, and when I looked in the bottom of the drawer, there was something there and I said to myself, I hadn’t seen you around in awhile, and went about my business. While replacing the seat, we noticed it was really getting warm and decided to turn on the air ahead of time to cool it off. No air. So this meant ceiling fans and open windows. After I was done downstairs, and for those who may be wondering…did he clean it while he was in there?…yes I did. By then, Charles is finished his cleaning and is about to take the girls out for a bit, so Mommy can do her thing. I went to clean a floor fan for downstairs. I took it to my man-cave and I was about 5 minutes into cleaning when their bedroom door slammed shut from the breeze. I get up to open the door and went to turn the knob…it’s locked. I yell downstairs to make sure Darcel is downstairs….she is. I tell her their bedroom door is locked. I try to use brute strength to turn the knob…what was I thinking…so I tell her I may have to kick the door in. First I try pushing on it hard to see if it will give…no dice. I’m about to put my foot on the door and I remember….I go back to my man-cave and open that drawer, reach into the bottom and pull out my little pry tool…yes, the tool I hadn’t seen around in awhile. I was able to get that tool in there and release the door without a scratch. 

Isn’t it Funny how things work out?  


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