See Things For What They Can Be


I have this routine I go through every morning before I go to work. My coffee is already done because I preset it the night before…and yes, sometimes I do forget to set it. I get up and go downstairs to pour my coffee and head back to my man-cave to watch the news and find out what they think the weather will be for the day…remember…they are making predictions. I don’t like to rush that cup of coffee…it’s the only cup I’ll have for the day. I log on and check mail, sometimes it’s shower, sometimes it’s shower and shave and sometimes if that coffee lasts longer than normal, it’s hit the basics to freshen up and out the door….yeah, like you’ve never done that before. When I’m not rushing, which is almost all the time, I take the time to eat something and to pack a lunch. I used to get up 2 hours before leaving for work, but that stopped when my morning workouts stopped…I know, I know…shame on me. 

Speaking of working out, someone who is active may have a routine of finding that special time to relax alone and to reflect.

Safety check…good routine to have. Those who use safety equipment or big machinery, go through their extreme checks and double checks to ensure the equipment is in good working order. Doctors and Nurses, checking charts and medication, heart rates and pulses, food and fluid intake of the patients. Checking wounds to make sure infection doesn’t set in. 

Some routines simply help us to make it through.

Some are not for ourselves, but for someone else…someone who is unable to get around like they used to. You are a Godsend to them. 

The list is endless…the DJs who bring us music on the radio, the Talk Show Hosts who brings useful and useless information. The Baker, who brings us the sweets to satisfy our sweet itch.  The Butcher, who makes that cut just the way you like it. The Cashier, who greets you with a sincere smile and thanks you. The Trouble Shooters in each and every field out there, because you solve the problems to keep things going.

I know it’s more than just a routine we go through, it’s all the things we do that are getting things done. 

Step back and take a deep breath…we’ve all accomplished a lot today, with a lot more to go because, we all have our very own…Routines.


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