See Things For What They Can Be

Only if / If only

These days are becoming busier with each passing moment. The time I used to spend after work doing whatever has transformed into time well spent. Some of the things I have written posts on are coming back to bite me….but, I knew this would happen. Yes, I’m getting caught up in…getting it done, but it’s all good, because this is life. Yes, I write about things that keep us “tied up” and I will no doubt continue to do so, but the key is to stay focused and make sure I don’t lose myself into what I am doing. That said, let’s see if I can keep my sanity…I’ll keep you posted..heh, heh. 

Deep down, I know I will be busier than I have been and that is to be  expected. I know I will miss the free time I’m so comfortable with. I could say that I will do certain things as far as this project goes, Only if it doesn’t interfere with my present state. Of course that wouldn’t get me very far. I’m really looking forward to becoming active again. I’ll have to remember to step back as often as needed to ask for guidance. I don’t want to be in a situation where I make wrong decisions…too often, because I know mistakes will be made. I will be in prayer and seeking that guidance. I can’t do this on my own. I know that all the creative thoughts and ideas that come into my mind are a product from Someone greater than me, I just happen to be the recipient of such a gift. God gives me all that I need to succeed and with that, I know it will be my decisions to cause mistakes.

So I will go forward with whatever awaits me. I know what I have in mind, but there is no telling what lies ahead, either as a benefit or an obstruction. God knows…therefore I will continue to seek His guidance. It would be a shame if all fails because I find myself saying, If only I had stopped to listen. 


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