See Things For What They Can Be


I’m not totally sure what is going on inside my head, but I do have some ideas. It’s like all I’m doing is going through the motions, even though I am generally in good spirits. But, every time I sit to write a post, my desire vanishes….almost immediately. I don’t want to just throw anything together just for the sake of posting. If I don’t feel it, it’s not real for me….therefore, not real to you. When I write, it is important to me that what is written is from my heart as well as my mind. I’m hoping that expressing myself in this way will help to bring me out of this slump. I’m really disappointed that I haven’t posted anything on the birth of my grandson…..this really bothers me.  

I haven’t tweeted or been to my Facebook page on a regular. I thought I might be falling into a depressed state but I think I can rule that out.  I still laugh and talk;  when I work, I feel like my normal self. 
My mind is still full of new ideas, my creative side is alive and well. I know we go through things that affect us in life, and I have had many moments in the past that have been similar to this, but this one is hanging on as if never to let go. I will bounce from this and hopefully very soon. I’m sure there are others out there who understand what I’m going through. I’ve been praying and would appreciate any help in that area.
I’m a fighter and will win this battle.


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