See Things For What They Can Be

What Was I Thinking?

So here I am, making designs for my website and I’m messing around with different drawing tools. Just to get used to it I doodled for awhile. Once I see what can be done I say it’s time to see what I can come up with. 

Because of the stencil type objects, I decided a background color was needed. Once I decided on the color, I realized I should fill the object  with color. Black was too dark and red was too red. Then I found it. 

At the time the object was only the size of an egg, in a triangular shape. Then I began to stretch the object and there it was the cave.
At least that’s what it looked like in my eyes.

The moment I saw that, I knew it was what I had been looking for. For what I had no idea, but I knew it was perfect. 

After looking at the finished product for a moment, I knew exactly what I wanted next. A balloon to put words into. Messing around with that for another few minutes and the words began to take on a character.

A name….a name….he needed a name. sudnalger came to be his name. 

I was going to include him in this blog, but decided he should have his own.

The strange or funny part about all of this?….none of this was how my original plan going the design of the object, was supposed to happen. For me, it’s perfect. 

I believe I have found something that I can play with and have fun. I hope you’ll come along for the ride. 


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