See Things For What They Can Be

Some of Me

I think I’m going to do a some of me series for my next few posts. I want to show who I am and what I would like to accomplish. 

I would like to begin with the title of my blog. I’ve had this thought in my head for many years and then my daughter, Darcel of The Mahogany Way convinced me into starting my own blog….yes you have her to blame for this. I just read my first post again and it still applies. I really am beginning to find the direction I’d like for all of this to take and have a rockin good time doing it. 

I had struggled through a tough emotional time during May/June of this year and I wrote a post coming out of it. It has become one of my favorite. It’s actually a poem and I titled it My Experience Is—. Reading that reminds me of why I go through the things I do….I wear them….all of them. I want to remember some of the struggles and know that the finished trial is part of the finished product.

I love learning…I’m not a books type learner; although I can do that, it’s just not my cup. I feel constricted when it comes to that type of format. But I do love learning, and I have taken my blog in a couple of directions. I am still in the early stages of blogging and I now know what I would like to do…..going back to why I named my blog.

Whatr U Workin On? is a very broad question and that is why I am so intrigued by it; because it spans the vast population of the world and all that the people on the planet are doing. 

Just to name a few things: some people are dealing with promotions, some are studying for exams, some are passing gas (some trying to perfect it…for real), some are wondering if she likes him, some deal with break ups (that hurts sometimes), birth/death, living life to the fullest, struggling to find your place in life, the joys of children, the sounds of their laughter, the pains of growing up, getting that project done on time, trying not to be late for work anymore, going to bed when you say you will, turning off the PC so you can, telling her again how much you love her, telling him how much you need him, learning a new language, unschooling, do I breast feed?, why should I wear my baby after birth?, there are so many blogs out there, when do I pop the question?, I hope I’m not boring you, but I think you get the idea.

When I see these words Whatr U Workin On, it makes me think about where I am and what I’m doing with my life.

Even with the struggles, I am happy with where I am.



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