See Things For What They Can Be

Guess What?

So I’m getting ready for bed last night after realizing I had run into a problem during a test print. I said how I had a couple of ideas on how to fix the problem. I was in bed when I thought to go ahead and print a sample to have it ready when I got home from work.

After the page was finished printing, I look at it dumbfounded. Then I picked it up and looked at it more under light….even though I didn’t need more light to see that it was perfect. There were no jagged edges and the color was crisp…I mean it popped! OK…that color was black so I go for red. It prints. Again, I’m dumbfounded. I’m looking at these two perfect hearts, the way I visioned them after print.

As I said before, I’m using Broderbund’s PrintMaster 11 for my designs and I’m really happy with it, but I thought I may have to change after this. 

So I’m looking at the prints and wondering what happened. In order for me to publish any of my design on the internet, or to mail them, I would have to save them as jpeg or bmp to unsure the recipient would be able to view them. I was also using those saved files for viewing. I only open the original design when I wanted to do editing.Then it hit me….these prints came directly from the PrintMaster software….wow! I could not imagine prints coming out this good from some artwork with jagged edges, but this one does. I owe PrintMaster an apology and a big fat Thank You for having an ease of use product that keeps me wanting to design. 

Was that a commercial?

Anyway, I’m back in the game. See…I told ya I’d get this figured out.


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