See Things For What They Can Be

I really had no intention on waiting this long before my next post.  I’m trying to get caught up on the designs I lost during my PC crashes. I’m doing well in that area except I keep straying because I see more ideas to mess around with. 

I think I might have to delay the opening of my website. I see I’m not going to be ready. Working a full time job takes a lot out of the day, and when I get home, I’m mentally strained as well as physically. So I have to unwind and get “work” out of the way so I can get down to business. I also ordered a latest version of the PrintMaster software. It is Broderbund’s PrintMaster 2011 and I should have it soon. It’s more compatible with Windows 7. I’ve had this version (PrintMaster Gold 11)  for a number of years and although happy with it, ready for the upgrade.

I was toying with The Heart and wondered if I could do something I had been thinking about. This is the result I came up with last night. I have yet to print a copy, and I am currently in the process of taking care of that. 

When I get the printed results, I will share them with you.

New ideas keep popping into my head, but now I need to focus on the matter at hand. I can always come back to this end of it at anytime…..that is when I’m not “working”.  

The Good is that I’m still getting things caught up albeit slower than expected. The Bad…delay in website opening. Ugly? There’s nothing Ugly about these pictures. 


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