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I remember a time during my preteen years, After Mom And Dad moved all of us to Cleveland, OH. That was in ’65 so I guess it could have been into my very early teenage years even. 

Anyway, I’ve told you before how I’ve always like to make and build things. I can’t remember why, but for some reason I was into puppets at the time. Maybe it was something I was watching on TV. I would look for old material around the house and ask Mom if I could use it to make something. White material was ideal.

I would trace my hand on the material with the thumb in the widest position from my other fingers as possible (this was accomplished through trial and error). Then I would draw the shape for my pinky afterward. 

I would cut out the shape from the two pieces of material, get needle and thread, and sew them together. When I had finished with the stitching, I would squeeze my hand into the finished product which was now my hand puppet. Now it was ready for a face. Sometimes it was a face cut out from paper of a comic figure, glued on,  or a face drawn with magic marker. 

Then I would have my very own puppet shows. It was fun…something I put together with my own hands and creating my own silly dialog. It didn’t matter what anybody else thought, I knew that I was happy. The puppet thing didn’t last long, but the experience will always be with me.

Looking back, I can see the development of what is now something I have always had. A desire to imagine, and then to see my imagination come to life. It’s God’s gift to me.

The things I put together don’t have to be perfect, although if I chose to go that route I think I could make a living at it. I’m talking about a lot of things I have concocted over the years that have actually been useful….hmmmm….maybe later. 



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