See Things For What They Can Be

This Was A Good Day

I had the day off from work today and it was a semi lazy/getting things done kind of day. It was good day for me. I feel like I relaxed and I also feel as if I got some things done….I did both.

I’m feeling pretty good right about now….almost ready for work tomorrow. 

I watched The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. I started last night and I finished after nine tonight. Between pausing, rewinding and rewinding and pausing yet again and again, I still missed parts. I’ll do it again sometime.

I’m putting the finishing touches into the giveaway. The announcement should be coming in the next fews days.

My daughter, Darcel from The Mahogany Way had her big day as a featured blog on SITS The Secret to Success is Support. Aside from not being able to respond to her comments right away, it all went well for her. 

It’s getting late and I need sleep. Back at it tomorrow…I’ll be ready.     


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