See Things For What They Can Be

It’s Monday Night!

Yes, it’s Monday Night and yes I am watching football. I’m hoping for a good game. It’s just about to start. Both teams, The Bengals and The Steelers are in the same division as my team, The Browns. This is a tough who to root for. On one had, a Bengals loss would help The Browns and a Steelers loss would help also. A Bengals win, would tie up the bottom in the division. 

OK…the Bengals fumble the opening kickoff and the Steelers recover. It didn’t take long for them to score…TD.

Now for the Weather….just kidding. 

I miss having my tools…I think I just realized that. I miss that part of my life; working with wood. I’ve said before that I am not an expert at woodwork, but I really enjoyed the smell, measuring, drilling. I have a table router I haven’t used yet. When that time comes, it will be that much more enjoyable; for now I have enough going on. 

Preparing myself mentally for the winter. I’m liking winter less and less these days, but I at least have the pleasure of being in an area with milder winters. Look at that…I got the Weather in anyway…hmph.

I guess I’ve been doing some reflecting lately; looking at where I’ve been and where I am now. Physically I feel fit, some aches; mentally I know I’m doing better these days; financially?…workin on that.

Well, I gotta go…I have some work to do…by the way, it’s halftime…yeah, I know.



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