See Things For What They Can Be

Behind The Scene

Sometimes you really put a lot of time into doing something.

Then there are times when it seems that nothing is getting done no matter what you do. You find yourself staring into space.

Has everything come to a stop?; or is it a period when writers block has settled in. What about all of the previous efforts that have been put in; the countless hours? 

I believe that all of that hard work is still being implemented. All of those long hours and hard work is still doing it’s job, Behind The Scene.  

So yes, it is ok to have a blank time; maybe that is a time for refreshing. 

But then when it is time to get back to work, you may find yourself in front of what some may think is fuzzy and cluttered.

But for me, it’s a place where countless hours of mistakes, setbacks, perseverance and accomplishments take place. It is my workstation. 

Why do I spend all of those hours shaping and sizing, trying to see what looks better, what colors to use,which fonts goes where and I’m really picky when it comes to stuff like that. Is it for me? The Now is for me, such as the learning, the ideas, the drive; the long term effects are tiny and growing.


I’ll be spending a lot more hours and making more mistakes; stubbornness and achievements along with those three up there will be what keeps me going. When I’m sitting at my workstation and I hear the giggles and the cries, the “words” from the youngest as best as he can speak them, being spoken at the top of his lungs, joining in the fun. The sounds of running and uncontrolled laughter. 

These are the sounds that I hear at times, and they are also going on, Behind the Scene. 

Sometimes I’ll get the occasional visit when I have something on the screen that I’m Workin On and Nakiah will ask “what’s that you’re doing? Hey Ava, come see what PeePaw is doing on his computer.” Next thing you know I have a zillion questions and all I can do at times is smile. I let them help a couple times, they got a kick out of that. 

I like what I do…but I Love the reasons why.


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