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Some Time Out

I have been blessed with another day to fulfill and I am thankful for that. What will I do with this day? I haven’t made any special plans to do anything. Some Sunday’s are a laundry day for me if I don’t get it done on Saturday. This weekend I was able to get one load done late yesterday. I’ll get the other load today.

It is a bright sunny day and I just opened the blinds to allow the vitamin D to shine on in. It will no doubt warm up a tad in here but not much because it is not a hot sun this time of year….at least not here in Virginia Beach. I like being in an area that I can go about without heavy gear on in November.

I went to the Zoo with Darcel and the grandkids yesterday. I don’t get out much and she invited me along…mostly because she knew I needed it. I had been venting some frustration to Darcel lately and I’m sure she figured I needed a change of some sort…even if only for a couple of hours. It did help and I enjoyed the time with them. It wasn’t crowded and I think that made it more enjoyable. 
Darcel took pictures and I keep forgetting I have a camera on my phone, so by the time I remember, we had passed all the large animals, but I did get a shot or two before leaving….how they got out of their environment remains to be told.

They weren’t wild so I guess it was ok.


Comments on: "Some Time Out" (2)

  1. nice. the zoo is always fun…used to live in VA beach back in the day…pretty area…


  2. Thanks Brian. I've only been here for a couple of years…still feels sort of new to me.


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