See Things For What They Can Be

In The Midst Of A Storm

I’m into my fifth day of consecutive posting and I have to admit that it has done a lot for me so far. My stress level has gone down a great deal, but I have been away from work and this will be my first day back since starting my 30 day challenge, beginning on the 19th. 

So we’ll find out if I’m able to keep this good mood going. I’m realizing that a lot of my frustration is stemming from the fact that I’m not used to struggling through being in good moods. I do have my moments when I want to be alone and not be bothered, but who doesn’t.  I think I might be out of sync…or should I say I am out of sync. I may as well; it would help to admit it out loud.

OK, that’s done. 

Challenges of life can taxing to say the least. I know I have hoped and prayed for awhile now that my situation would change. In some ways it has. In a lot of ways it has not. I have not really questioned God as to why, but have wondered in my head and out loud as to why; and I believe I am asking myself when the questions arise.

Imagine a ship at sea in the midst of a storm without navigation, looking for the light from a lighthouse to help guide them. If the light is not shining, does that mean the lighthouse is not there?

So what about my hopes and prayers? Does that mean God is not there if nothing has changed? 

I know He is still there and always will be. So what does that mean? For me it means that there are things that I should, can, will, and must do in oder to achieve that which I seek to accomplish.

I don’t think the occupants of that ship will give up just because they are unable to see the light that might guide them to safety. I believe they will do whatever they can to accomplish their goal…to survive the storm.


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