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It’s Nice To Go Back

I really enjoyed the two days I had off. It was relaxing, fun, and productive. The productive side of it was relaxing and having fun, enjoying family. 

I am absolutely loving this weather…yes, even in the 50’s; the sun could not hide today, not a cloud in the sky. The blue sky was bright and making it’s presence known.

I’ve been home for a few hours and haven’t really done anything. I talked with Darcel for a bit. The girls were busy doing what they do and Samuel was asleep in his wrap. 

I made it up to my room and I folded a load of laundry I had in the dryer from yesterday. Do I have to tell you about the other personal stuff I did?….no?…cool. 

Let’s see…have I learned anything lately that I could share with you? I’m sure I did but I don’t remember.

Darcel just stopped in for a bit to set recordings and came across The Wizard Of Oz. We both talked about how we used to watch it every year.  

I remember watching when I was a kid. Watching it now in HD is like watching it fresh. The colors are vivid and bright. Nakiah and Ava are gonna love this. It does bring back memories. 


Comments on: "It’s Nice To Go Back" (2)

  1. i hear you…does it still come on once a year? have not seen it in a while…


  2. Yes Brian, it does still show yearly. We have it on TBS in VA Beach this weekend…maybe you can get lucky.


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