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Like Magic

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It is amazing how things seem to just fall into place. 

I noticed something today that brought me to the point where I gave in to my sanity.

I guess this has been an ongoing process that is finally coming to fruition. My emotional well being has taken a beating lately, but like magic it has taken a turn for the much better. 

It is always a good thing to be in good moods and have the feeling of peace.

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It is good for the mind, body and soul. It leaves a mark that glows with appreciation. I just couldn’t resist falling victim to the change that is now coming into my life. It is something that has been dearly missed and surely needed.

The end result can only be fulfilling. 

The darkness has been pierced with light. Light that shines the way to safety.

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Light that reveals which direction to go.

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Will I think about how long this may last? I’m sure I will. Will I worry about it. I don’t think so. 

This is a ride I want to take for as long as it is available…and I know that it is always available. It has always been there.

I know that situations happen that’ll take me out of my zones…or try to.

But what I see coming over the horizon looks promising.

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Comments on: "Like Magic" (4)

  1. Oh I so wish I could see that light right now!! I do totally agree that it is amazing how often things seem to fall into place, even when they feel totally chaotic only moments before… Just waiting for that moment myself.


  2. Expect that moment. Don't look for it. It WILL happen 🙂


  3. nice…glad you have some light and direction…still waiting a bit on mine…it will be a journey and yes along the ay there will be storms but enjoy the journey…


  4. We may be alone in our journeys, but we do not travel alone.


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