See Things For What They Can Be

Nakiah Jade Harmon

We’re getting ready for a birthday party for my granddaughter tomorrow. 

She will be 6 years old. 

Yes, that is her in her mom’s heels. Stylin’. She was clomping around the house in them a few days ago and mama got this pic. 

She is being unshooled at home and is coming along quite well. She adds and subtracts…in her head, and if I’m not mistaken I believe some division also.

She is always learning, asking questions…and getting answers. She loves the library. They all went the other day and brought home 20+ books…she could spend an eternity in one if you let her. 

She is always busy doing something. I think you will only see her unoccupied if she is sick. 

She even comes to PeePaw to play video games or Old Maid. She’s really skilled with the video games. They are helping her to develop as she matures. She’s developing her motor skills, there’s math, recognition and so much more. You won’t see her playing video games all day…she’s too smart for that.

If I had to do it all over with her again up to this point?… I would spend more time with her. 

To watch her learn, to see what I missed that brought her to a certain point in her life. These are precious moments and I hope I remember that. 


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