See Things For What They Can Be


I have a routine I do when I come home from work.

Once I get into my room, I unload my pockets of keys, pen, lip balm…it’s like clock work…never fails.

Except for every now and again.

This morning was that time. I’m ready to go and it was cold so I want to get an early start and get the van warmed up. I have everything in my pockets, so after collecting other things, I proceed to the door and reach into my pocket for the keys–and–they’re–not–there.

I don’t panic because I don’t lose my keys. I hardly ever misplace them. So I go back to my room thinking maybe when I grabbed everything else, I just overlooked them.


Now I’m in the kitchen…no keys…living room…no keys.

I’m back in my room, now looking in the pants I had on yesterday…still no keys.


Sort of…kinda…because now I have no idea where they are.

I circle back downstairs for another search with no new results…ok, now I look in the van, I know it’s locked but hopefully without the keys…they’re not in there.

I take a break and stand still to breath, and think. 

Last ditch effort, I go back to my room and search other clothing I had on yesterday. I lift the sweatshirt I had on, and crumbled it in my hands trying to feel the keys with no success.

I drop the sweatshirt on the floor and….clunk. ????  I pick it up and lo and behold they are in the front pocket. i was wondering why I couldn’t feel them. If I hadn’t drop that shirt on the floor, I would have missed it.

But most importantly, I found the keys in an unfamiliar piece of clothing. I’m really particular about certain things and my keys are one of them. If they’re not in my hands, they are in my pockets. I don’t like laying my keys down, even in familiar settings. 

So lesson learned here is to stick to the routine…it works for me… because I hate asking this question….
Copyright 2010


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