See Things For What They Can Be

There Was A Time

It snowed today but not nearly as much as some other areas. I like snow and all, but I do have my limits. No, we didn’t get this much.

Courtesy of Photobucket

This is a bit much for me. . There was a time when this much snow used to be fun, but I wasn’t driving in it. 

I was too busy playing in it without my gloves on.

But that was soooo much fun. The carefree days of snow. 

Walking to school when the snow was up to our knees. Mom would make sure we were bundled up pretty good. Thinking back, I did have gloves to where to school, I didn’t play in them. Now I remember why I didn’t where the gloves to play in…they always got soaked. That didn’t make for a good combination.

OK….enough of the gloves already.

I was wondering today what it’s going to be like (snow) when we get to Dayton.  

I’ll have a chance to see some old friends and do some catching up. That’ll be nice.

I plan to make the most out of this trip, but for now… 

I’m about out of gas….


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