See Things For What They Can Be

Yeah, We Have Snow…

Boy did we ever get snow. As of right now, I think they say our area will get about 11 inches. 

Everything has shut down or not open at all. Some stores are open. Charles ventured out to pick up a few things.  

Charles coming in after taking pictures

 This is a good day to stay inside and chill.

We have a lot of snow

So chill it is…

This was actually taken yesterday. Darcel and a hula hoop.

The rest are today’s chillin shots.

kiah, ava and uncle r with the wii. the girls have the pillows they got for Christmas

charles and samuel in the living room

darcel getting ready to cook dinner

and here we have mamaw taking a moment for the camera

Darcel got a new camera for Christmas and I’m sure she will be more than happy to get some good pictures for me. These were taken with my Sprint phone…not too shabby. 

That’s what we’re doing right now. I hope you are having as much a peaceful day as we are…this day after Christmas.


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