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An Extra Day

Because of the snow that fell yesterday, there was no work. I didn’t do much of anything today. It was a good lazy day for me. I can really wait to see what it will be like tomorrow. The roads will be frozen and the people here are not used to these conditions. 

This is my second winter here and this tops last years snowfall hands down. 

Still I’m remembering the words of many who live here…we don’t get a lot of snow here. 

I really hope they’re right…don’t get me wrong…I like snow, but not this much in an area that is not used to it. 

A warm up is on the way which should take care a lot if not all of the snow.

On a very bright side note, this could be last weekend.

Yeah…I’m smiling


Comments on: "An Extra Day" (1)

  1. dude…you got some snow…we had about 6 inches on christmas day…


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