See Things For What They Can Be

This Year Begins With

A new blog. My daughter and I have started a new blog titled Memories & Magic.

A picture a day. She hit me with the idea when I got home from work yesterday. I think it’s a great idea. 

The rules are:

  • 1 picture per post
  • All pictures have to be original
  • No more than a short to medium paragraph

We brainstormed a few names and Darcel came up with Memories and Magic…our first choice with these words was taken…what sold me was when she said…m n m.

We browsed through a few templates and she scrolled to the current one and we both simultaneously said we liked it. The setting is perfect. We both like the old rustic look of the floor and walls. The chair, lamp, the pictures on the wall…oh let’s not forget the old telephone hanging on the wall.

This gives us both a chance to express ourselves in photo art throughout the year…this is gonna be fun! 

I get to break it in, so hop on over and take a peek.    


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