See Things For What They Can Be

Life Is

Life is full of this and full of that
 We all know that’s old hat

We laugh we cry we fuss we fight
In the end we do what is right

Another day has dawned upon us
Some are waking and starting to cuss

Some will work and some will play
This will happen throughout the day

Enjoy it all and have much fun
At the end of the day it will all be done


Comments on: "Life Is" (13)

  1. Very nice! I like this one a lot.


  2. reggie! great to see you at one shot…i like this…you only get one today so make the most of it…


  3. Reggie I like it – written like a lessonand a lesson written like a poemdelightfulthanks for sharing with One Shot~MDW


  4. To capture the scope of life in the rising and the fading of a day…very nice. One day, one life, both pass all too quick – don't complain, just make the most of it. Come good or bad, it will end. That's the one concrete. Nice write!


  5. So simple. Yet we usually make it so complicated. Thanks for the smile!


  6. Reggie, I like this poem. It pieces together the many emotions and situations we go through in a day. I'm new to OSW and thought imwould stop by and say hello to a few people. Enjoyed your poem a lot because it made me smile.~ Cheryl


  7. I like it. It's fun.


  8. This comment has been removed by the author.


  9. Misstated what I meant, LOL. . .Not a big fan of facile-rhyme poetry, but I otherwise like the life-smart message and language.You should sell this to Hallmark, they make money for a reason.


  10. I'd like to thank everyone for your kind comments. It was my first One Shot. A special thanks to @Brian Miller for the invite. Looking forward to many more One Shots.@Steve Isaak I just may consider that.Again, thanks everyone…you're all great.


  11. cool entry.A++


  12. How are you?Want to make more poetic friends? Join Poets Rally Now! Poetry Awards are assigned upon completion…Hope to see you in… Leave your entry here if you are ready, Thanks!Your poetry rocks!xxx


  13. Hey Jingle, I missed this one, but should be ready for the next.You're too kind.


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