See Things For What They Can Be

Anything Is Possible

Who hasn’t heard about the Ted Williams story. He used to work in radio years ago but fell on hard times. I saw the story first when I pulled up Yahoo when I got home from work. I clicked on the link and was blown away by what I was hearing.

His voice is amazing.

Not long after that he is in the news and after that, the news magazine shows, Inside Edition, Extra and any other shows I wasn’t watching.

His life changed in 24 hours

Ever since I can remember, I have always thought that anything is possible. I envision and I dream of the improbable but I believe that they are possible.

Is it wrong to set your sights too high? I mean, that’s a perfect situation for a let down…a spiral into the sea of despair. But if one doesn’t reach for the stars, how will one know what they are capable of?

The stars are as far away as we wish them to be, or close enough to touch.

Strive for the unreachable, find out what can be achieved, let’s be the person we never thought we could be and surprise someone…ourselves.


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  1. this is a very inspiring story…and impossible is possible…


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