See Things For What They Can Be

Where Will I Sit

where would i find to rest
if i were to choose to sip
a drink of the bubbly,
my rear for comfort at best

where would i find you
with friends at home?
or would a club be the place
the have a brew or two

so many ways i could spend
this time that i have
for refreshing my mind,
to rest my rear end

i spot a pair of eyes
gazing my way,
i offer to share another
i ask her to stay

next to me as i begin to drool
with this thing of beauty,
we find ourselves sitting
on these, modern bar stools 

the music is lite, the music is soft
the conversation moves on,
what has happened?
as my mind drifts aloft

this thing of beauty is into me
i into her, as we talk of future
time to be together
what oh what, could this be

of course it’s too soon
to even consider,
you know i barely know her
but my heart is a swoon 

this was a good choice
this place to be,
as i envision the future
you should see what is see

dream the impossible
believe the improbable
for you never know
in this life, how far you will go


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