See Things For What They Can Be

I Relish It

I take one look and I know for sure
The time is right for this will cure
The ailing moment knocking at my door

My next move is I wonder to fix it
How will I dress it 
This thing before me

Long wet and ready
It is hot and steamy
Too hot to handle with hands alone

How will I dress it
It is all before me
Ready and waiting

I spot it and reach
And make the application
I make my first move with closed eyes

My hands make the instinctive move
I open my mouth to receive this thing
And take the first bite

I say to myself
Yes oh yes
This will surely do

My hunger will be satisfied
With this hot dog from beginning to end
That is why I Relish It

this is my One Shot Wednesday post…hop on over to check out others


Comments on: "I Relish It" (12)

  1. haha…was not sure where you were going…but you leave me hungry…nice one shot


  2. Oh yes! And lunch time is still hours away 😦 Perhaps this says more about me than you…but my thoughts were headed a totally different direction in the beginning! Great write 🙂


  3. Pass the mustard please.


  4. LOL Clever. Made me think of…well, never mind. Very nice set up for the ending.


  5. Nice extended metaphor. I especially appreciate the pun on "relish."


  6. Thanks everybody for your kind words…I tried really hard to keep it a secret as long as possible 😀


  7. Wait.. let me ketchup


  8. That's cute and funny too!


  9. @booguloo…too funny.


  10. Hi Reggieinteresting play on the sense… ;-)ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivayahttp://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.comTwitter @VerseEveryDay


  11. scentofmyheart said:

    Creative, leaving smile on one's face! Loved the end!


  12. scentofmyheart said:

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