See Things For What They Can Be

Can’t Be Changed

There is something about the past that will always be as it is. 

No matter what, the past will never be changed. We live with what life has brought into our journeys. Sometimes mistakes are made we have to live with. Sometimes we live with the absolute joys that brings smiles and love into  our lives…our existence, and the lives of others. 

I want to live my life that will bring fond memories to many lives I am touching. All have not, nor will they be happy moments for us to part with along the journey. But without a doubt, I am sure to bring a smile to your face.

So as times continues to pass, new pasts’ are being formed, formulated and brought to fruition. 
And they too will never be changed. Again, mistakes are made and many more joyous memories have materialized; they have become, I remember when…those are nice to talk about.


We create them everyday. No, we can’t change anything that happened in this picture, but we can look back on it and smile.

There is so much to forward to; to create more moments that can never be changed…

one after the other.

Realizing that some things from the past can be left there…and to improve our quality of life, it’s best that this is done.

It’s not always an easy thing to do, but the end results if successful are very gratifying.

Change is good sometimes, and remembering to forget can be even better. 

The past is full of lessons and nightmares, memories and smiles. 

What we get out of our past, could depend on what we put into our future.


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