See Things For What They Can Be

I Have Traveled Far

I have traveled far to this
This place that is filled with
The Stench, 
Of what the Thing has done

Throughout time and space
For all that we know
Not caring what 
Results of its deeds

I try to escape the path
So many before had not 
Don’t know how long it’ll last
This luck that holds me
Thus far

I duck and I dodge 
I run here and there
I fire and miss
But sometimes I hit

It is only one Beast
A fierce one for sure
With a hunger for 
Life, to fuel its own

Need, to survive in this 
Place, this place far 
Away, that is filled
With the stench of Death

Image courtesy of Google Images


Comments on: "I Have Traveled Far" (16)

  1. I can smell the battle of survival for the fittest. Which will win — inner or physical power?:)


  2. jessicasjapes said:

    That's very scary, like the start of a story or film! Nicely written.


  3. @bendedspoon…that is a very good question :-)@fiveloaf…glad you liked@jessicasjapes…I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right!…thank you


  4. Ooh the stench of death. He must be a stealth creature. Perhaps our human weapons won't work on him. I hope you're wearing armor! Stay Safe!!


  5. I'm reminded of the inner battle in the Gita. Nice work.


  6. scentofmyheart said:

    Very creative, I love how well your words go with the image you chose. Pleasure to read this, despite the shivers of fear … Thank you for linking with Potluck!


  7. sad and powerful ending line…love your words/verbs….elegant poetry,A++


  8. sounds like a pretty rough place reggie…


  9. Yikes. Sounds like work.


  10. @azfree…whatever it is, I'm ducking and dodging.@athursdayschild…the inner battle, that works too…thank you.@scentofmyheart…I don't usually go for the dark side, but I couldn't resist :-)…my pleasure.@Jingle…thank you for seeing the "elegance" but yes it is sad also.@Brian…you know how sci-fi can be…action, doom and gloom…especially when a beast is involved. :-)@thingy…couldn't agree with you more.


  11. What I liked about this is the fact that you took the theme, ran with it and then made it a personal journey as well. One could read about the character and yet feel that you are talking about their own journey, good job. I DIG! 🙂


  12. Ooh, nasty and scary and sci-fi-ish! Great picture to go with! Thanks for visiting my blog!


  13. Love it. Really scary. The demon of the pit.


  14. Dark and haunting, this is my kind of poetry, even though it's love I've been writing about lately.


  15. @lynnaima…I really appreciate your is inspiring…thanks so much.@Lolamouse…Thanks…and you're welcome.@Tigerbrite…Glad you liked it.@ The Reason…I'm the opposite…I don't usually do the dark side…glad you like.


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