See Things For What They Can Be

I Wonder

As I sit here
As I wonder
My mind is clear
Not put asunder

I wish to write
I want to say
The world is bright
In the light of day

They are all before me
They are all a flurry 
Life’s beings be
All in a hurry

Busy here and busy there
Doing the deeds of life
Some without a care
And filled with strife

It really does matter
What goes on they say
Do you hear the clatter?
The hustle of the day?

When it’s all said and done
The sun begins to settle
It is my hope, we all had fun
And we did not mettle

In the affairs of others
As they made their journey
Maybe helping one another
This day we were free

This is my submission to Poetry Potluck Monday

Comments on: "I Wonder" (13)

  1. lovely words! thank you for sharing this.. my potluck-


  2. Awesome!! At the end of the day, what we really care about if we have done things right enough to be able to enjoy a good night's rest… Cuz THAT defines freedom.. the ability to sleep a peaceful sleep… FREE OF GUILT!An excellent and thoughtful poem, R… xoxo


  3. amazing…simply do what you love..smiles.A++


  4. Very thoughtful..To be able to feel restful and contented is a luxury! We often keep busy plotting against one another :(Thanks Reggie- a very nice thought you have shared.. :)Love xox


  5. smiles. my heart resonates reggie…


  6. Lovely, lovely, words.


  7. @fiveloaf…thank you@Kavita…you're excitement moves me…thank you my dear.@Jingle…I'll do the best I can…smiles back atcha.@Olivia…So sadly true unfortunately…and thank you.@Brian…I'm smilin' too…@thingy…you're sweet…thanks.


  8. Wonderful words… deep thoughts simply stated… nice reminders of how we should approach life.


  9. @Reflections…Life is one of our greatest teachers…so much to learn from.


  10. lovely one! more to ponder šŸ™‚


  11. @bended…Thank you


  12. Greetings!Thanks for the lovely contribution to potluck on week 25, week 26 is open NOW, we treasury your poetryand welcome you in in your personal convenienceā€¦old poems are welcome!xoxox


  13. Thank you…I'm sure I can some up with something…but now…it's snooze time…back on the morrow.


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