See Things For What They Can Be

I Thought I Saw Light

I don’t know, where to begin
Seems all I can do is grin.
I had mentioned before
In another post for sure

How things were getting better.
But to my dismay, it is all a flutter.
On this road, thought to be a tunnel
I find myself, in the midst of a funnel.

Round and round I find myself going
It’s daylight now I see a big Boeing. 
I understand now why it’s been so,
Difficult times no matter where I go.

My oh my it’s been hurdles and hoops
This road has more, here come some loops.
This all makes me fragile and dizzy
 But I can’t stop now, I’m waaay to busy.

I take deep breaths and try not to sigh,
It’s comes out of my mouth, so I just try
To continue my journey and see the light
From deep within this funnel, yes that’s right

This funnel I thought was a road for travel
Nowhere near smooth, it’s rough as gravel.
Trying to keep me confused, and fully at bay
It’s just another obstacle, that gets in the way.

But have no fear for I am still here
Getting this wrench, unstuck from my gear 
With a twist and pull and also a tug
Free it comes, and my shoulders I shrug

The sky is dark now, but I see a light
From inside this funnel, I hope it gets bright
As I make my way out, I will still try–
Oh crap it’s not a light, it’s just a firefly! 


I’ve been in different moods lately with so many things going on. This came to mind while I was working and finished for Poetry Potluck….it’s not on theme but wanted to be here. 

Comments on: "I Thought I Saw Light" (8)

  1. hope is unkillable,hang on there, you will do fine.beautiful delivery of your sentiments.A++


  2. Could totally relate to this one… But I Love your spirit, Reggie!! That's the way to be!! You keep going, my friend!! The light WILL guide you.. I am pretty sure of that!! Lotsa love and hugs…


  3. @Jingle…as long as there's hope, there is light….thanks so much.@Kavita…what I like about poetry is that you can have "things" going on in life, and have fun writing about it….I'll take the love and hugs 🙂


  4. A spirited poem from a spirited poet. Poem on and on … It's a way to live life hugely. Thanks for this Potluck contribution. Well done.


  5. @JamieDedes…I appreciate that very much.


  6. Very beautiful words.. the last line made me smile n smirk both! Sometimes, it does feel crazy- at other times; it seems sorted.. :)Hugs xox


  7. Thanks Olivia, I had fun with this one and I too get a smile at the end. 🙂


  8. […] were at the innermost depths of frustration fed despair. I do know that all is not lost…that light shines even in the darkest […]


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