See Things For What They Can Be

One, Missing Pieces

Once in time past,
The heart did do the flutter.
It romanced the spirit of love.
That was once upon a time.

How does the heart remember,
It’s swirling in love
Beating the beat in rhythmic

The heart did dance
It’s joyous dance with delight.
For it knew once before
That feeling,

When all the pieces
Were in place to fulfillment,
Yes, when all the pieces
Were in place.

The reason, reasons 
The pieces no longer make an item

Where did it go?

The heart does not like
Nor accepts the fate
It finds itself.

The heart wants, no
Needs love to have
That feeling of completeness,
To make it a finished item.

It may take time, 
The heart is aware.
Flutter?… it longs for,
Dance?…it wants, to no end.


Wishing this could happen
In a snap, the heart  
Accepts facts…for now,
It is one, missing pieces. 

It’s One Shot Wednesday time….let’s head on over…

Comments on: "One, Missing Pieces" (13)

  1. it takes time for the heart to recover, but just as spring comes, i know renewal will come..a very honest write reggie…


  2. Brian…spring brings alive fresh feelings…a want to do more. I'm encouraged, and thank you my friend.


  3. you are welcome.


  4. Oh Reggie Reggie Reggie… this was REALLY heartfelt!! "The heart wants, noNeeds love to haveThat feeling of completeness,To make it a finished item." — I loved these lines!! The heart has more needs than wants.. sooo true!! I "felt" this one, my friend.. beautifully written!


  5. Kavita, you are truly kind to me in your comment. It gives me that feeling of completeness…knowing I was successful in my delivery.Thank you


  6. yes its all about that one last piece… of being … touching I liked it a lot.With your words, you hurt mind (Heart I thought would be a great word here) and spill tears.. I enjoyed this imagery a lot… Perfect thought for the image…ॐ नमः शिवायOm Namah Shivaya Twitter @VerseEveryDay


  7. Thank you Shashi, so important to have all the pieces in place…sure makes things so much better. I'm glad you liked it.


  8. Know what Reggie, this will definitely happen! Sooner than you anticipate!I know what it feels like- been there myselfFor now, warm hugs xoxox


  9. and still we try again… beautiful Reggie!


  10. Ah these matters of the heart really can drive us mad and yet it cannot… it gives us hope and love- all we need will be there for ever!


  11. Olivia, the right ingredients are somewhere…just have to find them…hugs back.


  12. LauraX, sometimes…Thank you


  13. Dulce, I detect a bit of poetic knowledge in ones comment…you are so right 🙂


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