See Things For What They Can Be

Brush With Paint

I am truly blessed and honored to have won another award. I almost feel guilty for accepting awards for doing something I have fun doing and sharing.

I thank any and everyone for the nomination…my thanks to Jingle and all those at Thursday Poets Rally for making this possible. 

My nomination goes to Lolamouse for her piece: Battle Creek Cypress Swamp.

Below is the poem that won me this honor.

Brush With Paint

If I had a brush of paint

How would I paint the world?
What would the colors be?
What form would it take?

Change the sky?
No way, it is perfect
It changes on it’s own.

Green trees are everywhere
I change those to–
No wait, they also change,

The grass at times 
Is harshly brown, prickly
You know when,
…just before it changes 

To green, which is a nice
Color to gaze upon
In the heat and cool

Of the day
That has begun
With an abundance
Of activity.

My goodness,
The smallest of a 
Living creature

Has and is doing
An amazing feat,
Simply because of 
It’s size alone.

I have yet to use my
Brush with paint
To apply my 

The world is massively

Surely it could use my
Of a brush with paint,

But it changes
On it’s own
Without my help,
Without my brush with paint

This is my entry to Poets Rally Week 40…let’s journey on over…


Comments on: "Brush With Paint" (18)

  1. Love it!! : )


  2. Thank you thingy!


  3. Promising Poets, thanks so much


  4. A real beauty! The poem and the eyes that see!:)


  5. bended, you're gonna make me blush…thank you.


  6. Nature doesn't need our fixing or editing, huh? Well said, Reggie. I like it.~queenly~


  7. Too bad government and industry doesn't realize this! If it ain't broke…


  8. Queenly and Lolamouse, There are lots of things that should be left alone…not everything though. 🙂


  9. paint it loud and vivid my friend…the world needs all kinds of painters…including you…we dont change it, only the context, each adding flavors….


  10. Love your comment Brian…you couldn't be more right about the adding of context and flavors.


  11. Wonderful! It's the appreciation of these changes that allow poets (which I believe are painters in their own way) to create such beautiful works which in turn affect the beauty around them. Good job.


  12. argentpoet, true to your words…I appreciate your kind words.


  13. You can keep on painting this world in your words! Lovely they are!


  14. beautiful.. this is a painting in itself..! admirable! a reminder that one doesn't need paints to make nature beautiful 🙂Here's My Poem For Poets Rally


  15. Blaga and Vinay…you both humble me with your words…thanks so much 🙂


  16. A great poem Reggie, almost a polar opposite to "Paint it Black" (great song). The brush of your fingers over the keys is the surest paint you need.The Lonely Recluse.


  17. lonelyrecluse, sorry for the delay in responding to you're great comment…no internet. Thank you.


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