See Things For What They Can Be

Sights And Sounds

Courtesy Google Images
It was a moonlit night
Cool was the breeze
Which moves leaves
In trees

Two layers of clouds
In the sky above
The lowest
Moving fast swiftly 

The sights and sounds
Of this night
Although I am here
Have taken me away

To my place of escape
From the mortar and brick
For a moment in mind
For a moment in time

These are a few of my favorite things

This is my entry for Poetry Potluck where the theme is
These are a few of my favorite things.


Comments on: "Sights And Sounds" (14)

  1. ha nature does transport :)I enjoyed the picture as well as your work here :)


  2. A nice escape.. hunh? But we all have a few of those in our minds, a stolen moment for ourselves in time.. :)very well composed..Sunday Hugs xx


  3. Thanks lynnaima…some of the best "time travel".Olivia, yes I think we need a few of those in our lives from time to time…thank you my dear.Hugs to you too xoxo


  4. Mental escape – couldn't be better. Excellent selection for Potluck, Reggie, and right on theme! Poem on …


  5. Thank you Jamie…very kind of you.


  6. A moment of peace, what a beautiful thing to wish for! Bravo!


  7. we all needed that …elegant expressions.A++


  8. I can see why that moment would be a favorite thing πŸ™‚ Lovely.. and a simple yet elegant image too.My Potluck Post


  9. I love a beautiful moon lit night also. If the clouds go away, tonight will be just that, a beautiful moon lit night.


  10. can I take a mental escape up in the mountains?Luna


  11. your reminisce well expressed.. here's my potluck reggie..


  12. Blaga, if you only knew how many times wishes like that arise :-)Jingle, as I was saying to Blaga…I could use more of those πŸ™‚ Thank you both for your support.Vinay, I have been sitting in the back yard for a few minutes the past few nights and I close my eyes and go….thanks so muchHi Gigi…I hope you did get the clear sky…the moon has been beautiful lately.Luna, the good thing about closing your eyes?…you can escape to wherever your heart desires…the mountains do sound good…fiveloaf, thank you


  13. This is good. I really enjoyed it. Peace is a great gift.


  14. Hi Connie, you're so kind to say and I'm glad you enjoyed it…yes, peaceful moments are truly a treasure.


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