See Things For What They Can Be


This is an update to post Seemed Like Forever

My main focus in that post was the possible blunder. You see, whenever I visit a site, if there is doubt about the gender of the site author, I try to make sure I don’t make the mistake of calling a woman a man or vise versa. 

So I was site browsing and came across an interview and my heart began to pound so hard in my chest as my mouth hung to the floor.  I thought…oh my gosh…I hope I didn’t make the mistake I never wanted to make. 

So I started going through old posts, looking at comments and praying I wouldn’t find anything….I think I’m safe. If I’m not and you know of my blunder, I’m all ears…uh eyes…

If I did, I would like to apologize.

That’s it for now….


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