See Things For What They Can Be


He comforted her
They kissed
It was tender

They spake of times
They laughed the laugh
It was good

They held one the other
Close, feeling warmth
It was comforting

This is my One Shot Wednesday entry…come join me in some good reading.

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Comments on: "Comforting" (4)

  1. big smiles…now this sounds like a great place to be….rekindling?


  2. your poem 'Comforting' is simple and yet elaborately beautiful in that it immediately carries the feeling of warm embrace to me…lovely write…


  3. Sweet!And how can you not love a poet who uses "spake!" Shakespeare, move on over.


  4. Brian, when I close my eyes…and not yet my friend :-)Hi Janice, thanks for stopping in. I can only say that you brought a big smile to my face…thank you.Jannie, welcome to you also. We are all Shakespearean and I thank you for that dear lady 🙂


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