See Things For What They Can Be

The Colors Of Life

Far reaching and bountiful are

The colors of life

Imagined, unimagined

Created and not

Spring forth!

Colors of the season

Open yourselves!

Receive the just that is yours

The awestruck in the eye of the beholder!

Your beauty in trees before leaves


The flowering bush nigh the picket fence.

After a rain the clouds do part,

Just enough for light to produce

A rainbow,

A reminder of a promise

I am linking this to Poetry Potluck over at Jingle Poetry where the theme is Color, Spring and Rainbow 



Comments on: "The Colors Of Life" (6)

  1. creative thoughts, well done.



  2. I loved the new look of your blog.. plus you have come to WP.. yay!! (am I biased… hehehe)

    A great ending Reggie.. a very well crafted piece.. 🙂
    Love xoxox


  3. Well considered and well wrought. A wise piece for sure. Nice!


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