See Things For What They Can Be

Ear~ly Delight

Spoken words flow

Through my lips

Gentle in your ear,

They do delight

Your skin chills


Your smile is uncontained

As much as you try

To disguise your delight.

Surely you have heard this before

Somehow different this time,

You hear lovely, tender

Passion in these spoken words

Now tickling your ear~ly senses.

It has always been love

But really nice like this

Intimate without touch.

Yes, your ear~ly senses do delight

This is my entry to One Shot Wednesday over at One Stop Poetry

Come join us…



Comments on: "Ear~ly Delight" (9)

  1. nice…speak it reggie…our words convey much to the intended…

    so is this new digs here?


    • Hi Brian…I think I was daydreaming when this one came out of the oven 🙂

      Yes this is my new poetry home…I finally found something to do with this blog after about 3 years…
      I had forgotten about for a long time….still toying around with the final layout.

      Stay tuned…


  2. ” … Your skin chills
    ~giggling~ …”

    Love it, Reggie! Nicely done!!

    ~ thank you for visiting my site! 🙂


  3. Well done, Reggie.

    And what a fabulously cheerful theme. Nice work.


  4. That is a very nice piece. ” tickling your ear’ly senses…” lovely expression!
    Thanks for stopping by Reggie.


  5. So true .. and so beautifully said, Reggie..
    Words have a way of making a deeper and more significant impression on the soul than a touch would make on the body.. well, mostly! 🙂

    Loved how you put it here!


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