See Things For What They Can Be


I have been thinking lately about the thought I had when I first titled my blog and the meaning behind it. I really wanted something that put the attention on you and what you are up to. 

Then I started writing poetry, I really love the addition. If you aren’t aware, I’m posting my poetry on another blog…Reggie’s Thinking

I’m still adding poems from this site as I go and tweaking the site. 

What I want to do with this blog isn’t new, it’s learning, achieving, reaching, having fun among other things….by linking-in.

Let’s say you have a business you’re getting started and would like to keep you’re progress noted…what better way than to post your way through and link-in with other achievers of the world.

No business?…that’s ok. How about a house you’re building, selling, remodeling or just have a home with memories you’d like to share…link-in.

How about that garden you’ve not been doing for a few years now….motivate yourself by posting your first day and post your progress as the garden awakens by linking-in.

Getting married?….post it. Going back to school after all these years?…post it. First time in a plane?…post it. Skiing, for the first time?…post it. That feeling you get when you write…post it….

Right now I think it will be once a week…not sure what day yet. 

That’s what I’m #workinon



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