See Things For What They Can Be

My Thanks To You

                                                                                                                                 I accept this award

With much gratitude.

It would not be possible

If not for kind souls

Who saw something,

In words that I wrote.

Had it not been for you

This never would be.

And also to those

Who have taken time

To read, I’m saying

Thanks to you too.

Humbled I am

Promising Poets

For you are

Most generous.

Again I say

My Thanks To You

Thursday Poets Rally Week 44


Comments on: "My Thanks To You" (14)

  1. well deserved,

    lovely words, attitude wins,

    smiles, Happy Rally.


  2. Great job.



  3. Nice write – as poets our best strength is in supporting one another. Glad I landed on your blog for this piece. ~ Rose


  4. Lovely way of thanking Jingle and other bloggers. Love to you & all from me 🙂
    Do drop in at ~


  5. it is kind hard to read your words with your colorful background,

    Glad to have you join poets rally.


  6. Nicely written great way of thanking.
    I like it,


  7. Very nice and much deserved award I might add


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