See Things For What They Can Be

In All Sincerity

Many of you have visited my blog and commented on my poetry. Some of you I have been to your blogs as well, and others regretfully I have not visited.

There are reasons but no real excuse for this happening. It pains me that I have fallen so far behind.

Some of you know, through my other blog that me and TheWife have gotten back together after a three year separation. Well, things are definitely different…not necessarily in a bad way, but in ways that have changed….The Man Cave.

The man cave is no longer…..I don’t even think I can call it a den. The atmosphere is not as it once was was when I freely pecked away at the keys with my thoughts clear and profound!

Now, I find myself struggling to write in the same room I have been in. It’s different but understandably so…I guess I wasn’t ready for the emotional change it would take on my writing. With the addition of the netbook, there is more motion involved although I can’t seem to escape this funk that I’m in. It’s weird because I’m not really having a bad time.

I’ll just have to make some adjustments.

I do truly apologize to everyone whom I neglected in response to your comments on my blog. As adjustments are made and goals continue to be acknowledged and sought after, I will make every attempt to be with my poetry family.


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