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This Memorial Day

For a number of years now, I have been thinking I’m sure as many of you have, how commercialized holidays have become. I do understand some, but others sting. 

Even though I never served in the military, I have always been thankful to these brave men and women who serve their country for each and every one of us….giving their lives. 

I think the true meaning has gotten buried so deep, the appreciation of our freedom has dissipated as well. Sure we have our ceremonies and speeches, but that’s a far cry from the barrage of advertisements we see days before this day of remembrance.

My dad, my oldest brother, and my third oldest brother served. My dad and the oldest in the Navy and the other served in the Marines.

I say thanks to all men and women who serve, my appreciation and gratitude to those who gave their lives and love to their loved ones who remember them.   


Comments on: "This Memorial Day" (3)

  1. nice post – very well written.


  2. i hear you man…as with most holidays it becomes about consumption…glad you got the perspective though…and thank you to all that served…


  3. Andrea and Brian, thanks to you both for stopping in and your words of appreciation.


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