See Things For What They Can Be

I Keep A Picture

As I go throughout days,

I see you as work

Swallows me.

There you are when traffic


Times I feel so


I close my eyes and


Is the face that

Brings a smile

Or more than a few.

It is not always

That I see you,


When the moment arises,

It pleases me.

To the Reader

This is written for


Read yet again

Save this.

Someone comes to


Matters not living or


Baby born,

A sibling, an uncle

Or maybe an aunt

Can’t forget the


younger and elder

There is a friend,

Dear and sweet.

A husband A wife

A Love Like No Other.

Read again,

Who do U see?

I am linking this to One Shot Wednesday and

Thursday Poets Rally


Comments on: "I Keep A Picture" (18)

  1. It’s funny how something simple can trigger a memory of a friend or loved one.

    I especially like “It is not always
    That I see you,
    When the moment arises,
    It pleases me.”

    Nice one!


  2. Very touching! Happy Rally!


  3. I absolutely love the beginning. All too often we take for granted those in our lives, seen as an inconvenience in our mindless rush we should definitely take time to appreciate


  4. A unique one. I love the question you added in the end. Yes, a face came to mind, and I did see this face every day too, in the traffic, in the kitchen, during a walk, and then now, in your poem. Great job.


  5. This brought a smile to my face when I read it. Thank you for sharing it!


  6. I love the things that trigger smiles, memories of those who have slipped away and those who are still near.. thank you!


  7. loved it… šŸ™‚


  8. Brilliant message, overall a great poem, honestly though I wasn’t overly fond of the one word lines, they seemed to overemphasise those words a bit too much. Still a great message mostly well delivered. Great idea of involving the reader by asking them a question.
    The Lonely Recluse.


  9. You have captured the art of memory nicely. And yes, a few smiling faces came to mind. Thank you for the pleasant vision.


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